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Period delay medication. Daily tablets. 3 options available. Control when your period starts. Choose to delay your cycle by up to 7, 17 or 27 days -. explore your options. From £17.99 - Start free consultation. Press pause and take control.

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Period delay tablets; what are they? Period delay tablets give women the flexibility to effectively delay their next period. Most tablets, like the brands we stock, contain the synthetic hormone Norethisterone.

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If you’re worried your exciting plans could be disrupted by your period, you’ll be glad to know there’s a safe way to briefly. delay your period! What is period delay?

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Free delivery options with every order. Emergency pill orders placed after 2pm on Friday will be priority processed on Monday morning. Need the pill sooner?

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It’s time to do it our way with easy access to the options, medications and treatments we deserve. Re-write what defines. you. Managed periods. Pleasurable sex. Planned pregnancy. Inconvenient periods. Uncomfortable sex. Unplanned pregnancy.

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Delivery options. Depending on the type of order you place with us, your delivery options might vary. Find out more about the different options, what they mean and when your order is likely to arrive. Click / tap to scroll. Product.

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Period delay tablet. Norethisterone 5 mg. Type. Period delay tablet. Active ingredients. Norethisterone (progesterone) 5 mg. Quantity. 30 tablets lasting 7 days. £17.99. 60 tablets lasting 17 days. £27.99. 90 tablets lasting 27 days. £35.99.

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They pause or delay ovulation to protect against pregnancy. The IUD – or copper coil – can be used as emergency contraception, too. Emergency contraception is most effective in the first 24 hours after unprotected sex – it can be between. 95%.

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Period delay. Info. Start. Menopause. Info. Start. Daily contracpetive pill. From £5 / month. Start. Emergency contracpetive pill. From £13. Start. Contraception. Period delay. Menopause. Refer a friend. Delivery options. Contact. Privacy Policy.

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They can also cause irregular periods – or stop them altogether. Keep in mind that every person experiences different side effects; while it might cause drastic changes for others, it might not affect you at all.

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