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We make it easy to access the products you need, whilst helping others get the access and education they need. Because you’ve been referred by a friend, we’ll invest part of your personal healthcare investment to help others where it’s needed.

Hello Eve x Freedom4Girls

How it works

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Complete your first Hello Eve order and we’ll donate £10 to Freedom4Girls

Thriving together

We’re working with Freedom4Girls because it makes sense to us.

We’re on a mission to give you easy access to the healthcare products you need at every stage of life, and if we can help others access the daily menstrual products they need? Our community shines brighter and flies higher.  

Why wouldn’t we all want to help each other rise?

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Need the daily or morning-after pill? We’ve got you.

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Period delay

Big event?
Enjoy it period-free.

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Control your symptoms. Embrace life.

We are here for women. We are united.

Not only do Freedom4Girls provide donated period products, they also host reusable pad making workshops, run period education sessions for young people and campaign for menstrual equity.

Find out more.

Hello Eve x Freedom4Girls T&Cs

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- To participate, you must register as a new Hello Eve user
- You must be aged 18 or older
- You must make a purchase for the donation to be made
- You must live In the UK

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To earn a donation, you must make a purchase from any “Start” button on this page. This allows us to donate £10 on your behalf to Freedom4Girls.

Terms & Conditions:  
The full terms & conditions can be found here.